Terms & Conditions

Important Information

1. Due to renovations at Concourse C, Terminal 3 - We are experiencing  significant levels of noise pollution at our Hotel Levels in Concourse C. We therefore encourage our valued guests to opt for accomodation choices in Concourse A or B instead. Please feel free to contact.

2.  Passengers are strongly advised not to pass through Immigration and Customs and exit the Terminal as they will be denied access back in to the Hotel until 3 hours prior to their “outbound” flight’s departure.

3. Passengers are strongly advised to confirm the check in times of flights and the details of their check in procedures with their respective Airlines.

4. If you are arriving into Terminal 2, do not exit the Terminal and pass through Passport Control (Immigration and Customs). You will have to go to the Transfer Desk and use the free inter-terminal shuttle bus to gain access to Concourses A, B, or C.