Classes offered:

  • Advanced nail design to 101/201
  • Advance of Aromatherapy /reflexology and the use of herbs and essential oils.
  • Copper and detoxification/ Purification
  • Natursl herbs /Aromatherapy and its effect on the mind and body
  • Machines tools and implements
  • Client protection infectious control procedures
  • State board rules laws and regulations .
  • Cosmetology/nail technology laws and rules for nail technicians
  • Classroom management and discipline
  • Lesson plans and presentations
  • Curriculum development
  • Principles of teaching nail technology/cosmetology


  • Tuition and fees $15,535 EBook Included
  • Books bundle $1250.00
  • Master ed Master ex review Theory/pract. Adv.arom/reflex. Mann. Set up $295.00
  • Permit $35.00
  • Kit. $500.00 (not included)
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