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Hair care Services

Our hair designers are experienced & trained to work with you to give you a beautiful cut that suits your personality and your lifestyle. Whether you’re looking for a new look or a classic, elegant style, you’ll leave looking and feeling beautiful.

  • $55.00 upLocs starter
  • $35.00 upRetwist
  • $10.00 upStyle locs
  • $45.00 upMaintenance loc
  • $35.00Braids
  • $85.00 upSew ins
  • $70.00Quick weaves
  • $7.00Hair cuts Basic
  • $5.00 upStyle cutting designes
  • $5.00Seniors
  • $15.00 upShampoo set with blow dry/ curl
  • $15.00Seniors wed.
  • $25.00Shampoo cut style
  • $30.00Blow out
  • $5.00Bang/ beard trim
  • $10.00Shampoo only
  • $20.00Up do’s
  • $35.00W/blow dry style
  • $25.00Makeup with school supp.
  • $8.00Deep conditioning

Nail care Services

Nail treatment helps prevent dry skin, reduces the chance of ingrown nails and softens rough edges. Our specialists at Savannah Cosmetology can give you the manicure and pedicure to strengthen your nails and give them a healthy look.

  • Manicure & Pedicure
  • $10.00Basic mani/polish 1 design
  • $12.00Spa manicure
  • $10.00French manicure
  • $16.00Plain pedicure
  • $20.00( rocks /exf)Spa pedicure
  • $70.00Quick weaves
  • $25.00With wax
  • $17.00 upGel polish on natural nails
  • $7.00Regular polish change hands with 1 design
  • $17.00 upGel polish on acrylic
  • $5.00Silk repair
  • $3.00Nail repair
  • $15.00Full set acrylic( short/ med)
  • $25.00Glitter full set
  • $3.00 upNail art per nail
  • $8.00Soak off acrylic

Lash extension Services

Savannah Cosmetology is your destination for semi-permanent eyelash extensions and beauty services in Savannah. We offer a complete menu of services, including eyelash extensions, refills, threading and more.

  • $15.00 Individual short-med
  • $18.00Long
  • $7.00Lash strips
  • $25.00Brow implants
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Arometherspy/reflexology basic

Essential Oils send messages through your nervous system to your brain which triggers a variety of chemical actions within the body, including the release of specific chemicals that relaxes, calms, or stimulates both body and mind.

  • $45.00 1hr.
  • $55.00Delux
  • $65.00 1hr.
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Chemical services

Savannah Cosmetology offers a wide range of chemical services. Our smoothing treatments combat frizz, increase manageability and provide the long-lasting results you’ve always desired. You can enjoy coloring, Partial Highlights.

  • $38.00 Single process color
  • $45.00Lighter
  • $45.00 Partial highlites
  • $55.00Perm
  • $25.00Specialty perm
  • $45.00Hydroxide relaxer
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Skin care services

We provide the best & perfect remedy about how to make face glow. Let’s do some investment to make look yourself younger and prettier just by caring your skin.

  • Skin treatment
  • $8.00Basic facial
  • $10.00 Spa facial
  • $5.00Masks add
  • $25.00 up Customized image facial exf.mask
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Hair Removal services

The process is performed by a trained technician who entwines two long pieces of 100% cotton thread held in the mouth on one end, while the other end is swiftly rolled over and around unwanted hairs to cleanly and quickly removal.

  • $6.00 Eyebrows
  • $6.00Lip /chin
  • $20.00 Full face
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