No Refund Policy

Refund Policy 2019-2020

  • Students that wish to apply for a refund must have the original statement. Below are few policies.
  • Set Up fee ($225) paid for enrollment is non refundable and will not be refundable in any situation.
  • If a student withdraws from class prior to the 1st day of class is eligible for 100% refund.Students tuition that are paid in full And student has attended at lease 1 day of class is not eligible for any refund, but are able to withdraw and attend at a later date within 180 days of last date of attendance.
  • Students who all are in enrolled on online classes and have paid their registration fees and the portal has been open is not eligible for a refund.
  • Student who enrolls in class and has paid tuition for the month can withdraw within 10 days of starting class.
  • They will receive a pro-rated amount of Refund Of the total tuition.
  • Any students that do not pay tuition within 5 days of payment date are subject to late charges of $50.00 and risk the chance of portals being lock.
  • There will be a reboot fee of $25 if portal is lock due to non-payment, or late payment.
  • Any student that has enrolled in online classes and have been enrolled pass 90 days are not eligible for any type of refund, no refund will be given on books, mannequin tools or kits.
  • **If Scholarship was Granted, Deposit will be nonrefundable in case of Enrollment Cancellation due to any reason.


  • Payment plans are available. The institute accepts checks ($50 NSF fee) Visa, MasterCard,
  • Discover and American Express as methods of payment.
  • Extra Charges Policy
  • Each course/program has been scheduled for completion within an allotted time frame.
  • A grace period of approximately 10% has been added to the calculated completion date for each program. It is not realistic to expect to receive an education for free. The school has reserved space, equipment, and license instructors for each student and course/program. If a student does not graduate between the contract periods, additional training will be billed at the rate of $250.00 per week, or any part thereof payable in advance, until graduation. Students will not be allowed clock in until applicable weekly payments have been made.